Date: July 21, 2018
Time: Pre-Judging 10am – Evening Finals 5:30pm
1375 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Attention all bodybuilders and mixed pairs!  All bodybuilders and mixed pairs will have a 90 sec posing routine to music you choose.  So please be prepared to bring your own music for your posing routine.  Will update you as soon as I meet with a technician of the High school as to how to save your music i.e.; thumb drive or disc.
All other athletes (bikini, figure, physique and all other divisions) If you would like to walk to your own music of choice please send me MP3 download of your music to  Please note,  it has to be a MP3 not a link to youtube, spotify etc;  if no music received by july 15th you  will pose and walk to house music. The t-walk routine should consist of mandatory poses and no longer than 90 sec.  I will do my best to play the music genre you wrote down when you registered. (for help with routines and pre-judging poses please come to posing clinic! contact Bing for more information 916-756-8361)
Polygraph testing
Contact information Peter Javan – 916-865-8169.  Please note: if you got tested at the NGA Mr/Ms California Folsom show  you do not need another polygraph test