NGA Amatuer Federation Card is 75.00

NGA Pro Federation Card is 125.00

please get your card before registering!  Thank you 🙂

Division Fee: Take advantage of these two deals! 
 Holiday discount Registration
amateur $65.00 per division if registering before January 1, 2019
Pro $85.00 per division 
 New Year’s Resolution Discount
Amateur $75.00 per division (Jan. 1, 2019 – June 1, 2019) 
Pro $110.00
Amateur $85.00 Per Division after June 1st 2019
Pro $125.00
July 15th is the last day for registration without a late fee!  Don’t Miss out!
 Late Registration Fee is 25.00 extra! 110.00 Amateurs and 150.00 for pros total for each late division entry.
NOTE: Your name may not be in the program and may not receive competition’s goodie bag. If you register after July 15th 2018 Please contact the promoter Bing Saez 916-765-8361