The NGA (National Gym Association) has a mission in the natural bodybuilding and fitness fields!

Since the inception of our organization in 1979, we have greatly contributed to many changes for the betterment of athletes. The NGA’s Crusade for Drug-Free Athletes of America is committed to promoting only natural (non-steroids) bodybuilding and fitness events. Besides our mission, the NGA has always and will continue to fight against politics and control of athletes. Control and poor treatment should not be tolerated by any athlete. They should be treated with the respect that they deserve. If an athlete qualifies for a contest, they should be allowed to enter without any prejudice. The NGA only asks athletes to enter drug-free shows from any organization they choose. Athletes should not be asked to pick only one organization. They should be allowed to join as many organizations as they choose.

Athletes are free agents. All NGA-sanctioned contests require a minimum of seven (7) years of drug-free status, and all athletes are tested. Beginning in 2000, the NGA instituted the NGA Professional Bodybuilding Division. All professional athletes are tested for seven (7) years drug-free.

The NGA does accept professional athletes from other natural organizations that we recognize. Please check the NGA By-Laws for the list of organizations that we do recognize. All that is required is proof of your enrollment in an NGA-recognized pro organization and the purchase of an NGA Pro Card.

NGA Bodybuilding Show Schedules: Please check our bodybuilding schedules for NGA amateur shows (TIERS 1, 2, and 3) and NGA professional shows (TIERS 4 and 5). NGA By-Laws: Regulations, posing videos for male and female athletes, and more Become an NGA Member: To purchase an NGA amateur or professional athlete membership, renewal, or replacement card(s), please visit our NGA store.

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